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Bromberg Psychological & Stress Services LLC

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Donnie York | 2/13/2019


Went to an evaluation at their office in Centerville, as directed by CPS. Everything seemed fine, until we got copies of our reports. Found many statements in the reports in quotes as if we made them ourselves, to be not at all what we said. Things that they worded on tests were not stated accurately as they were on the tests. They changed many words around in the report. They have me diagnosed as having a childhood mental illness. This illness only effects children not an adult in their 40's. That's very interesting. Of course my review of them they will claim I am defensive. Lol. When making attempts by myself and others to contact them in regards to some things in these reports for clarity, the phone goes to voicemail and the mailbox is full. If you have an evaluation with them, don't claim any self pride. Pride in your parenting, work ethic, and etc. Don't claim any self esteem or feelings of self worth. They want to hear nothing good about you. If you do your narcissistic, schizoid, and histrionic. Love to hear others opinions about this husband and wife duo.

Bromberg Psychological & Stress Services LLC
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