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Bay Medical Company was established in 1994 to provide great products to the medical and health communities. Since then, we added delivery services, multiple high-quality manufacturers, and experts on staff to help you with your needs. We focus on products from the leading manufacturers in each category: adult incontinence products; disposable medical gloves; masks and respirators; personal protective equipment, including protective products for the hands, eyes, ears, arms, body, face, head, back, knees, and for shoes; specialty wipers; CPAP products; Automatic External Defibrillators; First Aid kits, cabinets, and refills. Currently, we do not file for insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid reimbursement. We require a credit card for payment.



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Product categories and product brands we provide.

Adult Incontinence Products


-Covidien (Kendall, Wings, Simplicity, Curity)



-San Pablo Commercial

-First Quality (Prevail)



Pull-up underwear

-Covidien (Kendall, Wings, Simplicity)



-San Pablo Commercial

-First Quality (Prevail)



-Bladder control pads / booster pads

-Covidien (Simplicity,)


-San Pablo Commercial

-First Quality (Prevail)


Underpads / Furniture protection pads

-Covidien (Wings, Simplicity)

-San Pablo Commercial

-Smartchoice Hexasorb

-First Quality (Prevail)

-Dignity® Quilted Sheet Waterproof Sheeting


Wipes, Creams, & Washes

-TENDERProtect™ Adult wipes

-Ca-Rezz® NoRisc® Cream

-Ca-Rezz® NoRisc® Wash

-No Rinse® Bath, Body Rinse-Free Wash




Disposable gloves – Nitrile

-GripProtect® Precise Nitrile Exam Glove

-Halyard Health – multiple models

-Skintx – multiple models

-Great Glove – multiple models

-UniSeal – multiple models


Disposable gloves – Latex

-GripProtect® Operon Latex Exam Gloves

-GripProtect® Ultra 8 mil Latex Exam Gloves

-Skintx – multiple models

-Great Glove – multiple models

-UniSeal – multiple models


Disposable gloves – Vinyl


-Great Glove



Reusable work gloves




Reusable household gloves

-Life Guard



Medical Devices




CPAP and Oxygen concentrators



-Drive DeVilbiss



Respirators and Masks

-Safety Works

-GD Care

-Halyard Health


Shoe Covers

-GripStep® shoe covers


Black XL

Premium waterproof

Ultra XL waterproof


Protective products

Protective eyewear


-Bouffant caps

-Protective sleeves

-Knee pads

-Back supports

-Disposable aprons and disposable coveralls


Services we provide:

-Free expert consultation to ensure you will receive the proper product for your needs

-Shipment directly to your doorstep

-Delivery using our vans to your doorstep in select areas


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