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ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale North

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We provide over 30,000 laboratory & point-of-care tests at our lab location and mobile on-call 24/7/365 - clinical, toxicology, genetics & forensics. We also provide occupational health & background screening/onboarding for employers - drug testing, physicals, titers, vaccines, First Aid Training, EKG's, audiometry, vision & biometrics.


ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale North

15455 N Greenway Hayden Loop , Suite C-16
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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1) Clinical/Medical Testing and Sample Collection
2) Toxicology – Testing and Collection
3) Forensics - Testing
4) Genetics – Clinical, Informational, Legal
5) Employer Services – Onboarding, Background Screening, Occupational Health, Drug Testing Policy, Regulatory Compliance, Biometric Screening, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Training
6) Paramedical Exams for Life Insurance
7) CPR/AED/First Aid Training
8) Occupational Health includes physicals, EKG’s, audiometry, spirometry, vision, biometrics

CLIENT TYPES: a) Clinics and other private practice medical providers; b) Hospice and other senior living networks; c) Consumers; d) Employers; e) Professional Referrals – Medical Providers, Insurance Agents – Benefits and Life Insurance, Attorneys, Others

SERVICE ATTRIBUTES: Cash Pay Practice; Average Less than 15 minute wait time for any service; Walk-ins Welcome; Low-cost direct-pay pricing for most tests - distributor/collector for 60 reference labs; Perform insurance draws; On-call in the lab or onsite 24/7/365; Appointments needed for physicals or vaccines only; We answer the phone!; Customize requisitions or order forms; Will provide clinic onsite phlebotomy for minimum volumes; Will pickup samples drawn by clinics; Consultative approach – not just a draw site!; ONE-STOP SHOP!

FLEXIBILITY: Draw your own; We draw for you; You buy from us; Patient buys from us; Off load dealing with many lab accounts; Customize to fit; Emphasize Service; Close proximity; We pick up; We are mobile; LET US HELP YOU WITH DIFFICULT TO DIAGNOSE CONDITIONS


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