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Since 1994, the Alabama Family Trust (AFT) has helped thousands of families in Alabama protect assets wisely and receive resources available by Alabama to enhance the lives of aging family members.


Alabama Family Trust

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Examples of distributions from a special needs trust with AFT are:

-Pre-need burial

-Dental, medical, and pharmaceutical expenses not covered by Medicaid or other insurance

-Therapy or rehabilitation services

-Wheelchairs and other special equipment not covered by Medicaid or other insurance

-Psychological or counseling services


-Phone, cable, and internet services


-Travel and entertainment

-Household furnishings and furniture

-Household modifications

-Durable medical equipment

-Care management

-Therapy and medications

AFT allows families to protect assets in a pooled special needs trust that, in turn, keeps their disabled senior eligible for Medicaid and SSI benefits to help ensure an overall quality of life for long term care in a skilled nursing home or under the Medicaid Waiver program to pay for caregivers at home. The assets put in trust can then be used to pay for needed services or items not covered by Medicaid.

In Alabama, a resident who is 65 or older may place assets into a special needs trust.  Any “spend down” assets placed in the trust are not considered by Medicaid when it is reviewing their financial eligibility.  If a senior is at or below $2,000 in assets, other than the funds held with AFT in the special needs trust, that individual should be eligible for institutional Medicaid and Medicaid Waiver programs if other eligibility criteria are met. 

This allows the senior to use the “spend down” funds to pay for things that Medicaid does not cover.  The trust funds can be used for the duration of their life or until the funds are gone.  Having the trust funds improves their quality of life and takes stress off family that may not have the ability to financially help them. 

AFT also has the Alabama Family Charitable Trust which provides additional benefits to life beneficiaries of individuals with a trust administered by the AFT. When these individual trust funds have run low of or out of money, this Charitable Trust provides another way to improve the overall quality of life for individuals with disabilities whom AFT serves.


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At Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama we tell families to pack three things in their survival kit: respite care (because no caregiver can provide care alone); their sense of humor (which is easy to loose, but makes the journey lighter); and advanced planning. It is never too early to begin to explore what options a family has to finance their loved one’s long term care needs. Utilizing a special needs trust, such as Alabama Family Trust, gives families more flexibility and control over their loved one’s care. When families are stressed they tend to avoid advanced planning and decision making. Going ahead and seeking legal advice and making the decisions that will effect long term will actually bring comfort and peace of mind. -Miller Piggott, Executive Director, Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama

Alabama Family Trust
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