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What is Senior Housing Respite Care?

Senior housing respite care offers caregivers, usually family members, with the chance for some much needed rest.  Roughly 34 million Americans offer caregiving services to seniors over the age of 50 and 15 million care for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s.  Senior housing respite care is performed at an assisted living or memory care facility.  This is not to be confused with in-home respite care or adult day care.  Generally, senior housing respite care is for a short stay that could be a few weeks to a month.   They offer assistance and care for daily tasks, social activities and interaction, and a chance for a caregiver to recharge, travel, work, or test out how a senior responds to living in a senior housing facility.

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Care Services

Seniors receive many, if not the same, services that they would receive if they were full time at an assisted living facility, skilled nursing home, or memory care unit.  Below is a list of basic services provided:

Reasons to Use Respite Care

Cost for Senior Housing Respite Care

One thing that often prevents or deters caregivers and seniors from using respite care is the cost.  Many families do not have the money to afford it.  There are agencies that can help though.  AAA, or Area Agency on Aging, can help to find funding, as well as connect you with a senior housing respite care facility that meets the senior’s necessitated level of care.  Also, most states have money available through Medicaid available for caregivers if the senior meets some requirements.  Look in your state to see if you can find a resource center that could help you take the next step. 

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