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What is a Personal Care Home?

Personal care homes are also referred to as residential care homes, adult family homes, group homes, and board and care homes.  Personal care homes offer seniors an alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, yet are in a small, residential setting instead of a large facility.  Often, this is considered more comforting by many seniors because it offers them the same structure as a nuclear family rather than a large community.  It also has a lower senior to staff ratio which provides more personalized care for the senior.  Many homes are also licensed to provide for Alzheimer’s and memory impaired seniors.  Many seniors prefer to stay in an environment and ambiance that is similar to a real home as opposed to larger facilities, wards, and communities.    

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 Cost of Residential Care Homes

Personal care homes will vary in cost depending on where it is located.  People are more interested in living in warm climates, and preferably by the beach.  These will be the most expensive geographical locations to settle in.  Personal care homes also depend on whether the room is private or semiprivate.  Every institution or facility is different though, and the best way to go about an accurate estimate is to contact different personal care homes in the region, city, or town that you wish to settle in.  Here are some rough estimates though.  Most personal care homes have at least six rooms, but some they can be more or less.  The averages below are based off of a six room home.

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