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RECOVERY INTERNATIONAL for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, or Anger


Perhaps amongst the most valuable skills a person can have in life--is the ability to manage his or her emotions. If we suffer from frequent episodes of ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, ANGER and other difficulties, we can learn skills that will allow us to take control of these emotional states and improve our lives dramatically.

RECOVERY INTERNATIONAL has been offering its self-help program for over seventy-five years now and people claim over and over again--that it works and that practicing the method brings about profound changes in one's life. Using RI’s very down-to-earth method and its great body of wisdom, RI practitioners learn to integrate good mental health practices into their daily lives. Through self-observation, we gain insight into our own thinking habits and automatic responses to our various life events. We then notice the connections between our automatic thinking and the emotional distress that we experience. Using our own personal insights, and equipped with the method and commonsense guidelines—we find that we are no longer helpless victims but are able to work through undesirable states of mind or better yet, learn to avoid them in the first place.

In the process of not reacting automatically, but considering alternative responses, practitioners are actually rewiring their brains and nervous systems. Instead of being on auto-pilot, we are engaging the “cognitive” part of the brain, and calming the emotional brain that stirs the fight or flight or other undesirable body responses. These changes in the brain are verified by MRIs and other brain imaging techniques. There are numerous scientific studies, utilizing before and after brain images, documenting how the brain changes when a person applies cognitive behavioral training to his everyday life.

We have many RI meetings in the Los Angeles area. (See meeting list below.) People are welcome to just drop in at any convenient meeting and observe for themselves how the method works--just to see if it makes sense. If you think it is for you or if you are willing to give it a try, then we have many meetings and also many other options for you. On the other hand, if you don't think it is for you, it's your choice not to return. We do request a $5.00 or more donation at the meeting, but it is up to you as to what you drop in the basket.

Ann Landers speaking of Recovery, Inc. (now RECOVERY INTERNATIONAL) "Their record of success is phenomenal."

If you are unfamiliar with our organization and are hesitant to contact us—we invite you to learn more about us so you can be assured that you are connecting with a very reputable non-profit organization--highly regarded within the mental health community. We encourage you to look us up on the web using our name “Recovery International” or our founder’s name, “Dr. Abraham Low.” You will find us on web sites such as, for instance.


Meet Times: Sundays, 5:00 p.m.

Location: HOLLYWOOD, Kaiser Facility, Conference Center, Room 7
Enter from parking structure.

From: June 23 2019 @ 5:00 pm
To: July 23 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Address: 1515 No. Vermont
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Phone Number: Contact: 310-322-6411



Speak to one of our advisors 1-800-955-8510