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4 Camping Considerations for Senior Citizens

Camping is just one of the many activities older adults can enjoy, however some older adults find it hard to prepare for this activity especially when they haven’t been camping for a long time. Here are 4 camping considerations for older adults...

Back Pain

How to Avoid Back Pain While Traveling

If you’re one of the over 100 million Americans who travel for the holidays, chances are you might be making plans to spend some extended time in a car, on a train, or thousands of miles on a plane.  Don’t miss this quick guide on avoiding back pain while traveling...

Travel Map

Adventure Travel After 65 – What to Consider?

With more time on their hands, by following these several tips, senior citizens can cross off places on their bucket list during retirement...

Travel Tips

8 Healthy & Safety Tips for Seniors Traveling This Summer

If you’re a retired senior, chances are travel is on the To Do list this summer. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile this season, keep these important health and safety tips in mind...


Best Winter Destinations for Senior Citizens 2018

There are plenty of great places throughout our beloved country to be seen during the winter.  Below you can find Senior Directory’s top three destinations for this upcoming 2018 winter...

Best Fall Destinations for Senior Citizens in 2017

Enough of the hot weather, bring back the school year and foliage of autumn.  Here is Senior Directory’s top three 2017 fall travel destination for senior citizens.  We hope you enjoy...

National Parks Price Increase for Seniors on Aug 28th, 2017

On August 28th, 2017, the price for a lifetime pass to over 2,000 US National Parks will increase from $10 to $80.  Learn more here...

Best Summer Destinations for Seniors 2017

Summer is one of the best times to travel, especially if you are stuck in the heat.  Here is Senior Directory's top 2017 summer destinations for boomers and seniors...

2017 Best Spring Destinations for Senior Citizens

These 2017 Best Spring Destinations for Senior Citizens are chosen with you or your elderly loved one’s needs in mind. Taste-test these samples of the wonderful places you can go to enjoy Spring’s pleasures. Maybe one of them will call to you loud and clear...

2017 Best Winter Destinations for Seniors

Winter can get dreary for many of us, so to start your New Year off right, Senior Directory has provided a list of our best Winter Destinations of 2017...

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