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Spider Veins

Are Your Spider Veins Trying To Tell You Something?

As people age, they begin to notice an increase in tiny, damaged, twisted and swollen capillaries at the surface of their skin. These red and sometimes blue or purple blood vessels are commonly called spider nevus or spider veins because of their web-like spread across the skin...

Blood Pressure

Why Does Blood Pressure Increases with Age?

For many seniors, a common question is “why does blood pressure increase with age?” Here is a look at some of the common reasons and what you can do to lower your blood pressure...


How does Bone Density Correlate to Heart Health?

Improving bone density also improves heart health.  Learn more about this interesting medical correlation, supported by a recent study in the Journal of American College of Cardiology...

Heart Catheterization

What are Heart Catheters? Do I need one?

Cardiac catheterization is a medical procedure to examine the overall health and functioning of your heart.  Find out more about this important procedure and if you need one...

Peripheral Artery Disease—One of the Deadliest Diseases You Never Hear Of

Have you noticed your legs cramping or your muscles hurting when walking or climbing stairs but those feelings disappear once you rest for a few moments?   Or, maybe you notice that one leg or foot may be cold or feels numb....

Care Tips for Heart Failure Patients

There isn’t a cure for heart failure; however there are ways to effectively manage the disease. Here are some tips for those battling heart failure:...

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