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Six Strategies to Increase Communication with Individuals with Hearing Loss

How should you approach communicating with someone in your life who suffers from hearing loss? Here are six strategies to consider...

Technological Advances in Digital Sound Processing Hearing Aids

In the 20 years since the introduction of the first digital sound processing hearing aids (DSP) in 1996, the technology available for treating hearing loss has changed dramatically...

Hearing healthcare and whole health and wellness – a vital partnership.

Recent medical studies have shown a correlation between hearing loss and diabetes. Research scientists have compared data and concluded that adults 55 and over with diabetes have a greater chance developing hearing loss and other problems with hearing health. Research suggests that...

Why do We Have Two Ears?

Can we hear with just one ear? Yes, but our brain is receiving only half of the sound picture. This makes it more difficult to process and understand speech...

What’s that noise in my head???

Tinnitus is a sound that is typically heard only by that person...

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