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How to Love Your Heart

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of men and women in the United States, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But you don’t have to join the statistic. Instead, celebrate American Heart Month this February by loving your heart. By making just a few...

81 Year Old Andree Vetter on Yoga, Weights & Bike Riding

Andree Vetter, who at 81 still bikes, does yoga and lifts weights. Andree has some wonderful insights into working out into your retirement...

89 Year Old Pierre Wolfe Discusses Healthy Aging

At 89 years old, Pierre Wolfe still exercises several times a week and hosts his own radio show.  Pierre has wisdom to share to other seniors...

Fitness For Elderly

How can I stay healthy as I get older?

You can be 18 and very out of shape or 80 and in great shape, age is really irrelevant to your fitness level.  Here are a few tip for healthy aging ...

Bill Walsh Gives Advice on Senior Exercise and Nutrition

At age 74, Bill looks and act the part of a younger man.  In order to help other senior citizens, Bill talks about his recipe for staying young...

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