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Computer Virus

How Senior Citizens Can Avoid a Computer Virus SCAM!

Computers are a wonderful resource and tool for senior citizens but sometimes this wonderful computer that does so much can be a source of frustration and even fear.  Learn about how senior citizens can avoid a computer virus scam...

Senior Citizen Man

Elder Orphans: Where Do They Go?

Elder orphans are becoming a popular topic in the aging community.  While it may be obvious that elder orphans face increased struggles, what is not as obvious is where they go when they can no longer care for themselves...

10 Common Scams Aimed at Senior Citizen Investors

To help you better protect yourself and your family members, please review the following list of ten common scams that are aimed at senior citizen investors...

Warning Signs of Financial Fraud and Abuse against Seniors

It is important for friends and family members to stay vigilant and watch out for the warning signs against financial fraud against elderly loved ones...

Beware Mental Healthcare Fraud!

Fraud in mental health clinics has become a big problem in Louisiana in the last few years. The scheme works the same almost everywhere...

The Invisible Crime

There are countless victims of late-life domestic violence and elder abuse who need help.  The DOVES progam in Arizona is can help...

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