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Top Films of the 1980's

13 Top Films of the 1980s

Here is Senior Directory's list of the 13 top films from the 1980's. There might be some names on this list that surprise you! Have we left any off the list you think should have made it...

Grandpa Hiking

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Here is Senior Directory's top gift ideas for grandpa on Father's Day. Most of which will provide the opportunity for multiple generations to celebrate and enjoy time together. Do you have a gift idea that we might have missed...

To Do Denver with Kids

Best Things to Do with Grandchildren in Denver

Summer is here and hopefully Grandma and Grandpa are getting to enjoy the warm weather and spending time with their grandchildren.  Below are some suggestions as to fun places to go and activities to enjoy together...

Best Movies 1970s

13 Top Films of the 1970’s

Here is Senior Directory's list of the top 13 films from the 1970's.  I wonder, Dear Reader, which character you would choose to be, and why… do let us know.  Is there a movie we left of the list that you think should have made it...

Save Money

A Dozen Ways Seniors Can Save Money

Whatever method work best for you, here are a dozen money-saving tips that seniors can implement to make your lifestyle more budget-friendly...

Toilet Paper

Tips on Assisting an Elderly Parent in The Bathroom

Helping an elderly parent use the bathroom might be the most uncomfortable part of being a caregiver. Here are some helpful tips to make it easy and a little less uncomfortable...


Sit While Gardening – Great for Individuals with Mobility Restrictions!

Bending down to the ground can increase the risk of a fall.  For anyone who is challenged with mobility in general, the risk of falling over is something to avoid when possible. Sitting while gardening is a fun and great way to stay safe while performing this wonderful activity...

1960's movies

14 Best Films of the 1960’s

Here is Senior Directory's best 14 movies of the 1960's. I wonder what order your cinematic tastes would put them in.  And if for one day you could be one character, in one of the movies listed... which character would you choose...


Free Brain Games for Senior Citizens

We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what can we do to nourish our minds? These brain games for seniors will keep you alert and your brain on its toes—all while being entertaining...

Best Films 1950s

13 Best Films of the 1950’s

We have listed our 13 top films of the 1950's. Can you guess what our number one is? What are some of your favorites, Dear Reader...

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