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Senior Citizen and Daughter

The Perfect Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we have come up with everything necessary for you to have a fun-filled and memorable day....

Why You Should Retire in Tennessee

More people should, without a doubt, retire in the South, specifically Tennessee, and here's why…...


Top Foods to Boost Immune System

Eating healthy foods, and certain foods, in particular, gives our immune system the ingredients it needs to function at its best. Here is our list of the best food to support your immune system...


Flu Prevention for our Senior Community

The flu season typically occurs in the fall and winter, with December through February being the peak time for the virus, but it can still be spread throughout the year, according to the CDC.  Here are several flu prevention tips for senior citizens...

Woman Providing Care to Husband

Best National Mental Health Resources

There need be no fear or stigma attached to recognizing that you are concerned about the state of your mental health. Here is a list of the top national mental health resources in America...

Holiday Candle

How to Fight Holiday Depression and Anxiety

Holiday depression and anxiety.  These seem to go hand-in-hand, particularly with regard to the holidays which occur from November thru December. Here are several strategies to fight holiday depression and anxiety...

Best Chair Exercises for Seniors

For anyone who is a senior citizen and might have mobility issues and/or restrictions, these exercises are for you. Watch this informative video on the best chair exercises for seniors...

Save Money

How Selling Your Life Insurance Policy Can Benefit You

Over 100 billion dollars of life insurance is lapsed or surrendered each year by policy owners 65 years of age or older. Learn how selling your life insurance policy can benefit you...

Childrens Museum Indianapolis

Best Things to do with Grandkids in Indianapolis

Finding things to do with your grandkids can be a bit challenging. Here is Senior Directory's list of the best things to do with grandchildren in the Indianapolis area...

Wills vs Trusts

What’s the Difference Between a Will and Trust?

May we all live a long and healthy life.  And yet, death and incapacitation are factors we simply must consider. Check out this video/article pairing on the topic of Wills vs Trust, and the differences between the two financial/legal instruments...

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