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4 Health Benefits of Breathing Exercises for Seniors

An interesting thing happens when seniors commit to practicing daily breathing exercises… their health improves, and not just in one area, but multiple.  Below are some details on four important health benefits derived from daily breathing exercises...

Senior on Computer

Mental Health Tips for Socially Isolated Seniors

Although stay-at-home orders are now mandatory in nearly all states to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, social distancing is undoubtedly a double edge sword. Here are 6 mental health tips for seniors facing social isolation...

Glove Safety

6 Steps - Proper Glove Use to Prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Millions of Americans are now using protective gloves to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But are they using them correctly? Watch this short video on 6 Steps for proper glove use...

Immune System

5 Tips for Seniors to Boost Immune System

Here are 5 important tips for seniors to boost their immune system...


The Impact on Senior Care from COVID-19 – 5 Predictions

Coronavirus is perhaps the scariest for boomers and senior citizens, as they face the highest chance of severe illness. How is COVID-19 going to impact the senior care industry going forward? Here are 5 predictions......

Best Hikes for Senior Citizens in the Greater Chattanooga Area

We're proud to present to our readership a quick overview of the benefits of hiking, as well as a few great trails to get started. We hope it will be stimulating to both the mind and body....

Caregiver Burnout

How to Not Lose Your Identity from Being a Caregiver

Are you one of the 40.5 million people in the United States who provide unpaid caregiving services to someone 65 or older? Have you fallen victim of caregiver burnout? In this article and video, learn one of the most important lessons about caregiving: how to not lose your own identity...

Group of Veterans

CommuniServe – An Outstanding Resource for Senior Veterans!

Senior Directory is privileged to interview Kevin Fehr, the Found of CommuniServe. CommuniServe is a non-profit that helps act as both the funding source and the caregiver repository to provide veterans additional hours of home care that the Federal Government won't cover...


The Dangers of Pressure Sores Among Nursing Home Residents

Does your elderly loved one live in a nursing home? If so, you really should know about the dangers of pressure sores...

Calcium Foods

The Dangers of Calcium Deficiency in Senior Citizens

As we get older, calcium is one of the most vital nutrients for healthy bones and preventing muscle weakness that’s associated with aging. Find out why calcium deficiency is detrimental and what you can do to prevent it...

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