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4 Tips on Heading into Retirement Debt Free

Approximately 49.8 percent of households headed by Americans 75 years and older have debt.  So, what can you do to eliminate debt in the homestretch to retirement? Read on to find out...

Senior Exercising

How Can Running Affect Your Dental Health?

Even if you don’t actively use your teeth when running, there are a number of ways the exercise can impact your oral health and put it at risk...


Cleaning the Outdoors: Organizing Your Neglected Garage

Only 11% of people are content with the state of their garages. How, then, can you make your garage into a more manageable space...


5 Ways to Stay Accident and Illness Free as a Senior

It’s important to keep yourself as healthy and as accident-free as possible, especially now that you are growing older.   Here are 5 ways senior can avoid an accident or serious illness...

Sleeping on Couch

Sleeping Disorder Solutions for Seniors Citizens

Sleeping Disorders do not just keep you awake when you should be sleeping, they also make you feel uncomfortable, thereby reducing your sleep quality. Here are some proven methods for senior citizens who are dealing with sleeping problems...

Senior Care

Legal Battles that Caregivers of Seniors Should be Ready For

In this article, we discuss some of the possible legal battles that a caregiver might face on behalf of the person that they are in care of. If you have a senior under your care, then you should read on...

Wedding Dress

Choosing the Elegant Bridal Gown for a Granddaughter

Keep an eye out for the right dress when shopping with your granddaughter. Here are a few examples of styles of wedding gowns to give you an idea of what is out there so that you look amazing on your wedding day...

Southern Bridge USA

5 Tips for Retiring in the South

Apart from its rich history, the southern United States offers a great environment for those seeking to retire in peaceful communities.  Here are a few tips to consider if you’re opting to retire in the South...


Post Bariatric Surgery Nutritional Guidelines

After bariatric surgery, it’s vital to follow proper nutritional guidelines and dietary restrictions provided by your health care provider.  Her are several helpful tips and guidelines to help your recovery...

Senior Exercising

Why Baby Boomers with Chronic Illness Should Still Exercise

Retired seniors may have more time to pursue your interests, but they are also more likely to have chronic illnesses that may be barriers to activity. Thankfully, there are still ways to stay active and maximize your health even if you suffer from a chronic pain conditions...


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