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Senior Citizen Wedding

5 Senior Citizen Wedding Trends That Are Here To Stay

Do you have a senior wedding coming up—either yours or a relative’s? If so, you’d love to know about these interesting yet practical wedding trends for senior citizen couples...


5 Things that Senior Citizens Should Get Tested For

Because our bodies (and the systems that make up our bodies) aren’t quite as spry and sprightly as before, even the smallest changes can make us very sick. Below are a few things that all senior citizens should get tested for...

Dentist and Patient

Maintaining Optimal Dental Health for Senior Citizens

Below are some of the best tips we have gathered to help you understand the different ways of maintaining a healthy dental routine even in your golden years...

Key in Door

Affordable Housing Options for Senior Citizens

For many senior citizens in retirement, as their source of income and savings slowly dwindle, their lifestyle also unfortunately changes. Here are some affordable housing options that you should know about to put money back in your pocket...

Home Renovation

What Home Improvement Looks Like In Different American Cities

Home improvement best practices and styles will differ from city to city. While you can find a little bit of everything in most metropolitan areas, you're going to find certain cities have their own “flavor”, and the way in which residents manage their homes reflects that...


Essential Facts on Senior Palliative Care

As a result of aging, older adults often experience a variety of illnesses that cause them pain and a great deal of discomfort. A solution to this is what we call palliative care. Read more about the essential fact of palliative care...


8 Home Renovation Dangers on Seniors’ Health

Excited about the idea of finally remodeling your home? During the remodeling process, certain precautions must be taken to reduce both minor and life-threatening risks. The most common health risks include the following...

Prescription Pills

How Much Melatonin Should Senior Citizens Take to Sleep?

Decreased melatonin production among senior citizens can result in problems falling and staying asleep. One of the most commonly recommended solutions is taking supplements containing Melatonin. But are they safe, and if so, what dosage is optimal for older people...

Seniors Playing Tennis

5 Ways For Seniors To Keep Their Brains Active

Dementia and senility are real fear for senior citizens.  There are, however, several steps which can be taken to keep your mind sharp long before it gets to that stage.  Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to stay mentally sharp...

Caring for Seniors

4 Key Ways to Care for Elderly Parents

As your parents or other elderly loved ones begin to age, they begin to have changing needs.  Here are 4 key ways you can better care for your elderly parents, as well as help them to better care for themselves...


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