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Senior Care

Hospital Discharge Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

After major incidents like a fall, stroke, or infection, going back home requires a lot of work, especially if you want to avoid rehospitalization. Protect your loved one’s physical health and wellbeing with these smart hospital discharge safety tips...


Home Warranties Disadvantages That Seniors Should Consider

Home warranties are on the rise among senior citizens. Although a great option for older adults, you should first be aware of some of the disadvantages of taking out a home warranty...


Safest Ways for Seniors to Take CBD

The secret is out, people of all ages are now discovering CBD (Cannabidiol) for its potential health benefits.  Here are the safest ways that seniors can take CBD...

Recovery Tips After Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is a serious surgery that should not be taken lightly.  So, how exactly does one ensure a smooth recovery after hip replacement surgery...

Elderly Son Walking Father

13 Critical Tips When Caring for an Elderly Family Member

Caring for an elderly loved one is not easy and can even lead to caregiver burnout! The following are 13 tips for providing care for an elderly family member...

Prescription Drugs

Is CBD Safer Than Prescription Drugs for Seniors?

Senior citizens may perhaps be the age demographic most prone to prescription drug addiction, as nearly 30% of seniors take at least 5 different prescription drugs at one time. Here are four reasons why senior citizens should consider CBD over traditional pharmaceuticals...

Uber Driver

5 Low-Cost Transportation Options for Senior Citizens

Being able to get around safely helps seniors remain independent.  If you are looking for affordable transportation options for senior citizens, don’t miss this quick guide...


Home Security Mistakes That Senior Citizens Should Avoid

Many senior citizens might not even know they are at risk when it comes to their home security.  Here are 5 common mistakes senior citizens make to compromise their property and safety...


5 Smart Ways Senior Citizens Can Borrow Money

You may think getting a loan can be dificult without regular income, but there are still ways seniors can their hands some cash cash when needed. Learn about 5 smart ways senior citizens can borrow money....

Lady Justice

Tips on Choosing the Best Lawyers Office

When choosing a lawyer, keep in mind that no lawyer is right for every case, and here are tips to help you find the best lawyer for your legal problem....


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