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Back Pain Relief

Three Back Pain Relief Exercises For Seniors

Back pain is a leading factor in seniors choosing to live a sedentary life.  Doing some basic and relatively simple exercises, and doing them daily, can help alleviate a lot of back pain. Here are three outlined by Dr. Michael Kaspin...

Balance Exercises

3 Daily Balance Exercises for Senior Citizens

Balance is essential for seniors. Without it, a fall or a strain could lead to a painful disability, or worse! Watch this informative video on 3 balance exercises that every senior should perform daily...

Senior Care

What is the End of Life Options Act?

The End of Life Options Act is representative of laws dealing with what is sometimes termed “Death with Dignity.” These statutes allow us, under certain criteria, to make decisions regarding choosing to end our own lives when we have a terminal illness...

Prescription Pills

What is the Black Box Warning?

A black box warning, sometimes referred to as boxed warnings, is the most stern warning that the FDA issues.  Learn more about black box warnings in this informative article...

The Alamo

Best Wheelchair Accessible Sites in San Antonio

Whether one uses a wheelchair full-time or just when outside the house, San Antonio has plenty of locations that are wheelchair-friendly. Here is our list of the best places...

Kerville State Park

Weekend Getaways with Grandchildren Near San Antonio

Perhaps grandma and grandpa would enjoy a weekend away with the grandchildren? Here is a list of our top weekend getaways with the grandchildren near San Antonio...

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Best Day Trips with Grandkids in San Antonio

Summer is here and the time is right for day trips with grandchildren. Here are some suggestions for manageable day trips that both generations can enjoy together in and around San Antonio...

Botanic Gardens

Best Wheelchair Accessible Sites in Denver

Do you have a friend who uses a wheelchair and is visiting from out of town?  Or perhaps someone you know, who uses a wheelchair, would enjoy some time out of their home and in your company? Here is our list of the best handicap accessible sites in Denver...


Best Hobbies for Retirees

Whether you’re a lover of the outdoors, or you find your inspiration from behind a canvas, it’s time to go out and find a hobby that suits your goals and lifestyle. Here is Senior Directory's list of the best hobbies for retirees...

Top Films of the 1980's

13 Top Films of the 1980s

Here is Senior Directory's list of the 13 top films from the 1980's. There might be some names on this list that surprise you! Have we left any off the list you think should have made it...

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