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A Definition of Medical Alert Systems or Emergency Response Monitors

Emergency response systems were created in the 1970s. They are sometimes referred to as personal emergency alert devices, or medical alert system.  Emergency response systems help seniors receive immediate help and medical attention in the event of an emergency.  They are much smaller and more inconspicuous than they originally were during the 70s, and can either be clipped on like a pager or worn around the neck.  There are even medical alert systems that sync with smart phones for those tech savvy seniors.  Nowadays, most emergency response systems have a sensor that detects falls, as well as a button one can push in order to communicate directly with a consultant to determine the level of help needed.  

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Reasons to Use an Emergency Response System

How do Medical Alert Systems Work?

Emergency response systems usually work in a two-fold way.  In the first, whichever provider you choose, will install a home system in your house.  This home system is connected with the emergency responder that is provided with the company.  There is also a smaller, portable emergency response tool usually referred to as a pendant. These pendants will need batteries (either normal or rechargeable).  The pendant has a button to be pressed that connects to the home system, which will then redirect any emergency signaling to the emergency response provider.  From there, the senior and emergency provider will determine the best plan of action, and following, the dispatcher will call a neighbor, family member, friend, or emergency response team.  The dispatcher will also have direct access to the medical files provided about medication lists, primary physician, and hospital of choice, so they can provide the best care.  These pendants have different ranges from within the house, up to 350 feet away, or some even have GPS installed.  Some pendants also have the ability to detect falls and do not need to be manually activated.   

Price for Emergency Response Systems

Each system is different and the pricing usually depends on the quality of equipment, the amount of equipment setup, and pendant.  Most emergency response systems are have an initial installation fee and are priced by month.


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