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Articles & Information

What Is a Pneumonia and How Does It Affect Seniors

The elderly are more at risk to develop pneumonia than any other age demographic. ...

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Will Medicare Pay for In-Home Care Services?

 Families find themselves wondering how to pay for in-home care services.  Will...

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3 Benefits of CrossFit Exercises For Parkinson’s Patients - Watch VIDEO

Do you or someone you love have Parkinson's Disease?  Did you know that...

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3 Exercises Every Senior 75+ Should Do to Improve Stability – Watch Video

Here are 3 easy-to-do exercises that every senior over 75 years old should perform weekly...

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Seniors Need Motivation to Work Out - Watch Video

David Jacobs (Level 3 Fitness) explains why he has 90 year old seniors in his...

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Maximize Your Doctor’s Visit through Proper Preparation

The average time a doctor will spend with you at an office visit is 20 minutes - and often...

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Nancy Kummen - Arizona Senior Olympics Champion

Nancy Kummen, the inpirational 64 year old triathlon athlete, is on the cover of the...

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Five Retired Women Discuss the Benefits of Meditation

In order to discover meditation's true meaning and how it can potentially help seniors...

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81 Year Old Andree Vetter on Yoga, Weights & Bike Riding

Andree Vetter, who at 81 still bikes, does yoga and lifts weights. Andree has some...

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Top 5 reasons to start a small business in your retirement

Starting a small business is a wonderful way to stay busy as well as bring in extra cash....

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About Phoenix, Arizona

For over 10 years the Senior Directory has provided a comprehensive directory of services for seniors in the Phoenix and Tucson area. Nestled by the gorgeous Camelback Mountains and awe inspiring vistas that provide senior citizens in Phoenix with numerous outdoor activities, the year round sunshine ensures an active lifestyle for our residents. A city known for it's Senior Heatlhcare, we connect seniors with over 50 categories of services such as assisted livingrehab hospitals, continuum of care communities, and much more.

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